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We help couples conceive by sharing important fertlity information (comprising of both Eastern and Western fertility methods) as well as the popular conceptionmoon vacation tips to help couples relax and procreate.

Increasingly, many couples have reported that a conceptionmoon vacation was the definitive answer to their fertility woes.

Conceptionmoon has been gaining popularity amongst wanna-be parents in the West and we hope to bring this movement to Asia. In a recent survey, Asian couples are cited as amongst the most hardworking in Asia and they indeed work very long hours. Thus, they are in need of the time to relax and and to focus on conceiving and building happy families  by setting aside their work and professional lives for the short term.

Couples who hit the fertility jackpot has attributed their success to being less stressed during their vacations and having more time and opportunity to be intimate. There is indeed a direct connection between a couple's ability to conceive and the immediate effects of stress on their bodies, for both the male and female partners.

Take a conceptionmoon break to focus on each other -in and out of the bedroom - and arm yourselves with the fertility information to help let nature take its course in conceiving!

Be a happy parent and build happy families with us!

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Trying to make a baby should be one of the best, most fun undertakings in life. But for couples whose fertility window is quickly closing due to waiting for the right time, person or reason, it may seem more like a job. It’s also sometimes a frustrating, even heartbreaking experience for some couples, when time has slipped by and every month that stick just won’t turn pink. There are arguments on whether stress may cause infertility or infertility causes stress, but I believe it’s both. And for that reason, one unexpected aid to babymaking is to reduce stress by taking a relaxing trip together. Also, informal surveys with over 1000 participants on baby websites have indicated that conception trips do work – up to 40% stated they got pregnant on their getaways.

Just unplugging, unwinding and enjoying the sights, sounds and sensuality of a vacation destination can help a couple truly relax and focus on the good stuff – each other. Some people refer to these trips as conceptionmoons, or procreation vacations. Whatever they’re called, they definitely can’t hurt! Some resorts are catering to the trying-to-conceive or TTC community, by offering special services for such couples, such as romance packages, on-site fertility experts, and menus with foods known to either increase fertility or sex drives. The destination can be a draw, but the real attraction is going away, being together and enjoying one another.